Novaris Cat6 Surge Protector - 24 Port

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Novaris Cat6 Surge Protector - 24 Port

Product Overview

Local Area Network Protectors
Novaris network protection products are speciÖcally designed for the
protection of twisted pair Ethernet systems with a combination of rugged
and Öne grain protection elements.

10kA Front End Protection & Low Impedance Secondary Protection.
The RJ45-CAT6 protection products employ a 10kA Gas Discharge Tube per signal pair to dissipate the energy associated with large common mode surges.The silicon based secondary protection element used on each signal pair provides exceptional protection for your equipment whilst allowing
network speeds up to Gigabit/1000BaseT.

PoE, PoE+, High Power PoE and beyond.
The Novaris RJ45-CAT6 protection
devices are designed to be compatible with PoE and handle up to 1 A of current per signal pair at up to 80VDC. This combination allows for Gigabit PoE systems with 4 pair power up to an outstanding 160W.

UTP and STP cabling compatible.
Novaris network protection products utilise shield pass through connectors and metal bodies to allow for uninterrupted shielded network spans. The RJ45-1CAT6-EC90 option is necessary for earth isolation at the remote end of a network. This prevents current loops from appearing on the network shield.