Server Racks & Cabinets

Server Racks & Cabinets

Server racks and data cabinets from floor-standing, free-standing server cabinets, open frames and racks, wall-mount network racks, and server cabinets along with outdoor freestanding and wall-mount cabinets. Keep your networking and communication equipment secure and protected in a CERTECH network rack. Leader in top quality, long enduring Server Racks Australia. Custom-built and designed racks and cabinets in a huge range of RU's (heights) and widths to fit any purpose. CERTECH caters to your comms data centre server rack and data cabinets, and school Department of Education (DOE) solutions to your home network rack and server cabinets. And when you are looking for that something extra to ensure you have the most ideally fitted out rack we have a huge range of rack accessories, cable management options, and power distribution units. CERTECH has the Rack and cabinet solutions you need.

What types of server racks and cabinets are available?

We offer a comprehensive selection of server racks, network racks, and data cabinets, including free-standing server racks, wall-mount server cabinets, outdoor IP-rated server cabinets, soundproof server cabinets, open frame racks, and distribution frames.


What are the features of free-standing server racks?

Our free-standing server racks provide a sturdy and secure environment for servers and network equipment. They come in various rack unit (RU) options, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your needs. These racks are ideal for data centres or server rooms with available floor space.


How do wall-mount server cabinets save space?

Wall-mount server cabinets are designed to be mounted on walls, freeing up valuable floor space. They come in different sizes and configurations, providing an efficient solution for those with limited space.


How can I reduce operational noise in my server room?

Our soundproof server cabinets are designed specifically for noise reduction. They feature sound-damping materials and ventilation systems to keep equipment cool while minimising noise levels.


How can I manage my cables effectively?

We offer a range of cable management solutions, including cable trays, cable organisers, and cable management panels. These products help keep your cables organised, easily accessible, and free from tangles.


Our extensive collection of server racks, data cabinets, and accessories offers solutions for all your server and networking needs. Whether you require free-standing or wall-mount options, outdoor IP-rated cabinets, noise reduction, open frame racks, cable management solutions, PDUs, or accessories, we are dedicated to helping you create a well-organised and efficient infrastructure.

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