Freestanding Server Racks

Freestanding Server Racks

CERTECH's range of quality, installer-inspired server racks are available in a range of sizes, from 12RU to 45RU. All are fitted with thoughtful features, like drop-down fan trays, which include dust filters and ball-bearing whisper-quiet fans. Complimenting their rigid constructions, these network server cabinets come pre-loaded with shelves, fans (as mentioned above), castor wheels, levelling feet & bi-fold rear doors (to minimise opening space).

All of our free standing server racks and cabinets are fitted with 19" mounting rails (international standards), meaning any standard 19" piece of equipment can be installed into our data racks.

Our Premier series data rack is an excellent and versatile network rack, capable of accommodating any situation. Note that although the picture depicts a glass door, a mesh door is optional and can be fitted to any of our racks.

The Benchmark series network server rack is our 1500Kg static loading cabinet, perfect for situations where high-density cabling is required or quite typically, extra UPS batteries.

CERTECH stand-alone racks are suited for your home office and small and large business needs, to your data centre server environments. If you are looking for a home server cabinet, computer rack, comms rack, or server network cabinet CERTECH has your solution.

We also make custom racks to meet your exact specifications!