Fibre Optic Enclosures

Fibre Optic Enclosures

Fibre enclosures are an essential component for organising and protecting fibre optic cables, and at CERTECH, we offer a diverse range of high-quality options to suit your specific needs. Our fibre enclosure trays (Fobot systems), provide a reliable and efficient solution for housing and managing fibre optic cables. For compact installations, our wall-mount fibre enclosures are an excellent choice, offering a space-saving solution without compromising functionality. We provide enclosures with different capacities, including 6-core, 24-core, and 48-core options, allowing you to scale your infrastructure as needed. Additionally, we offer fibre domes for outdoor applications, providing protection against environmental factors while ensuring optimal performance. With our fibre enclosures, you can achieve a neat and organised fibre optic system, enhancing reliability and simplifying maintenance.


Why do you need a FOBOT?

A Fibre Optic Enclosure is a protective housing or box that is used to manage and organise fibre optic cables and connections. It is designed to provide a secure and controlled environment for the termination, splicing, and storage of optical fibres. Fibre optic enclosures come in various types, such as wall-mounted, rack-mounted, or floor-mounted enclosures, and they play a crucial role in protecting and maintaining the integrity of a fibre optic network.

Key features of a Fibre Optic Break Out Tray (or FOBOT):

  • Cable Management: Allows organised routing and management of fibre optic cables.
  • Splicing and Termination: Provides a space for splicing and terminating optical fibres.
  • Protection: Protects the fragile optical fibres from environmental factors like dust, moisture, and physical damage.
  • Accessibility: Facilitates easy access for maintenance, troubleshooting, and expansion of the fibre optic network.
  • Scalability: Supports the scalability of the network by accommodating additional fibre optic connections.
  • Durability: Built to withstand environmental conditions and ensure the long-term reliability of the fibre optic infrastructure.