Fibre Patch Leads - OS2

Fibre Patch Leads - OS2

Elevate your network connectivity with our premium Fibre Patch Leads featuring OS2-grade fibre optic cables. Designed for high-speed data transmission, these fibre optic patch leads, also known as fibre leads, ensure optimal performance in diverse applications. Explore our selection of OS2 Fibre Patch Leads, delivering reliable and efficient fibre optic connectivity for your network infrastructure. Upgrade today for seamless data transmission and superior connectivity in critical networking environments

Fibre Patch Leads - OS2 refer to optical fiber patch cables that utilize OS2-grade optical fiber. OS2 (Optical Singlemode 2) is a classification for single-mode optical fibers designed for longer-distance data transmissions. These patch leads are engineered with specific specifications to meet the demands of high-performance networks that require efficient data transmission over extended distances.

Key Features:

  1. Single-Mode Fiber: OS2 fibers are single-mode fibers, meaning they allow the transmission of a single mode or ray of light. This design minimizes signal dispersion, making them suitable for long-distance communication.

  2. Low Attenuation: OS2 fibers offer low attenuation (signal loss), enabling data to travel over more extended distances with minimal signal degradation.

  3. Narrow Core: OS2 fibers have a narrow core diameter, typically 9 micrometers, allowing for a focused light signal and supporting higher bandwidth.

  4. Designed for Longer Distances: OS2 fibers are optimized for longer-distance transmissions, making them suitable for applications requiring connectivity over significant distances.


OS2 Fibre Patch Leads are commonly used in scenarios where high-speed data transmission over extended distances is crucial. Key applications include long-distance telecommunications, data center interconnects, and connections between buildings in campus networks.

In summary, Fibre Patch Leads - OS2 provide a reliable and high-performance solution for single-mode optical fiber connections, ensuring efficient data transmission over longer distances in critical networking applications.