Cat6A Cable Rolls

Cat6A Cable Rolls

When it comes to Cat6A cable rolls CERTECH has you covered. With a range from Cat6A External Cable rolls in U/UTP, S/FTP and U/FTP undergroupd and external cable. We also carry a large range of Cat6A indoor cable in UTP and STP in various colours in boxes of 305m of an easy pull no tangle reel to ensure for ease of installation.


Cat6 vs Cat6a, How to Choose? 

In general, the network performance of 10GbE Cat6a cable is superior to that of 10GbE Cat6 cable. The 10GBASE-T cabling of Cat6a is capable of delivering 10G performance at higher frequencies of up to 500 MHz, as well as longer link lengths of up to 100 meters, compared to Cat6 cabling which has a frequency limit of 250 MHz and link lengths of up to 55 meters.


What is a Cat6A Cable Roll?

Cat6A cable roll refers to a spool or reel of Cat6A Ethernet cable that is typically used for longer cable runs or custom installations. It offers enhanced performance for high-speed data transmission.


What are the advantages of Cat6A roll cable?

Cat6A roll cable supports higher data transfer rates, up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, with reduced crosstalk and improved signal quality. It is suitable for demanding applications that require faster and more reliable network connections.


Can Cat6A roll cable be used for both residential and commercial installations?

Yes, Cat6A roll cable is suitable for both residential and commercial installations. It provides improved bandwidth and performance, making it ideal for high-demand environments like offices, data centers, and smart homes.


Choose Cat6A roll cable for reliable and high-speed connectivity. Enjoy the benefits of faster data transmission and improved network performance for your residential or commercial installations.