Fibre Patch Leads - OM4

Fibre Patch Leads - OM4

Elevate your network performance with our Fibre Patch Leads - OM4, designed for the demands of high-speed data transmission. Featuring OM4-grade optical fibres, these patch leads deliver exceptional bandwidth and efficiency. Ideal for applications requiring lightning-fast connectivity, our OM4 Fibre Patch Leads are optimised for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and beyond. Explore our premium selection to ensure reliable, future-proof connectivity in data centres, enterprises, and high-density networking environments. Upgrade your network with confidence using our high-quality OM4 Fibre Patch Leads.

OM4 Fibre Optic Leads - Fibre Patch Leads refer to optical fibre patch cables constructed with OM4-grade optical fibres. OM4, or Optical Multimode 4, is a classification for multimode optical fibres designed to support high-speed data transmission in networking applications. These leads are optimised for use in environments that demand high bandwidth and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Multimode Fibre: OM4 fibres are multimode fibres, allowing the transmission of multiple modes or rays of light simultaneously.

  2. 850 nm Wavelength: OM4 fibres are optimally designed for a wavelength of 850 nm, making them suitable for short to moderate-distance transmissions, such as within data centres.

  3. Enhanced Bandwidth: OM4 fibres provide enhanced bandwidth, supporting applications with demanding networking requirements.

  4. Violet Jacket Colour: OM4 fibres are often identified by their violet-coloured jacket, distinguishing them from other fibre types.


OM4 Fibre Optic Leads are commonly used in environments where high-speed data transmission over short to moderate distances is required. They are particularly well-suited for data centre applications and high-density networking environments, supporting applications like 10 Gigabit Ethernet and beyond.

OM4 Fibre Optic Leads offer a high-performance solution for multimode fibre optic connections, ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission in demanding networking applications.