Server Rack Chimneys

Server Rack Chimneys

CERTECH Server rack chimneys are perfect for routing cables from the ceiling through to the server rack/cabinet roof. Keep your data cable neat and secure out of sight within the protective sturdy chimney for network server racks.

Why do you need a Cable Management Chimney?

A server rack chimney, also known as a cable management chimney, serves several essential purposes in cable management for server racks:

Improved Airflow

Chimneys create a contained pathway for cables, allowing for better airflow within the server rack. Proper airflow is crucial for maintaining optimal operating temperatures and preventing overheating of server equipment.

Cable Protection

Chimneys help protect cables from physical damage, accidental disconnections, and tangling. This ensures the integrity and reliability of your network connections.

Reduced Clutter

By guiding cables vertically within the chimney, you can maintain a tidy and organised server rack environment. This makes it easier to trace and manage cables during maintenance or troubleshooting.

Efficient Space Utilisation

Chimneys maximise the use of vertical space in the server rack, allowing you to accommodate a larger number of cables without creating a mess. This is especially beneficial in densely populated server rooms.

Compliance and Safety

In some cases, regulatory and safety standards may require proper cable management to reduce fire risks and ensure compliance. Chimneys help meet these requirements.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

With cables neatly organised in a chimney, technicians can quickly identify and access specific cables when making changes or performing maintenance tasks. This minimises downtime and reduces the risk of errors.

Server rack chimneys are a valuable component of cable management strategies. They contribute to better airflow, cable protection, organisation, and overall efficiency within server racks, which is crucial for maintaining the reliability and performance of IT infrastructure.