CERTECH 25 year certified cabling system warranty

The CERTECH Certified Cabling System offers a 25 Year Replacement Warranty for all category-rated permanent link cabling solutions. 




Step 1: Application:

Begin by applying to become a CERTECH certified installer through the website application form (below).


Step 2: Pre-requisites:

We then check to ensure cablers have the following pre-requisites:

  1. Open cablers licence with endorsements
    1. If they don’t have these, we are partnered with TAFE and can offer subsidised courses.
  2. Other Vendor certifications (Panduit, Commscope, Siemon etc.)
  3. Site photos – showing off their awesome work


Step 3: Complete the Certified Installer training (in class):

  • Complete the certified installer training course conducted by Murray Teale from VTI Services*
    *(Communications Alliance - Customer Equipment and Cable Reference Panel, Standards Australia CT1 Working Group (AS/NZS 11801.x), Standards Australia CT1/2 Working Group (fibre/fiber), NATA (Accredited Twisted Pair and fibre inspection reporting), NECA Standards Representative, BICSI, AS/CA S009 Working Group, AS/CA S008 Working Group)


Step 4: Complete the ON-SITE Practical CI training:

  1. Cabling and Pathways training - focussed on the rough in (cable and pathways) stage of the project
  2. Terminating and testing training - focussed on the fit off (termination and testing) stage of the project.
To become a certified installer contact us below