CERTECH 25 year certified cabling system warranty


The CERTECH 25-year certified system performance warranty is a market leading warranty program designed to give network managers, engineers and installers confidence and peace of mind that the structured cabling network will perform as required by the relevant performance standards. The warranty program is underpinned by the three pillars of quality, training and thirdparty verification.

A system performance warranty is to ensure that any ICT infrastructure installation has the components manufactured and installed to a level of quality that will exceed performance and application criteria of current and emerging technologies that are designed to fulfill the expectations of current standards both Internationally and locally here in Australia.



The CERTECH 25-year certified vendor warranty is a complete link and/or permanent link warranty for your twisted pair and/or fiber optic installations.

This warranty ensures our customers’ satisfaction by offering the peace of mind of an installed system exceeding the minimum standards criteria of your ICT installation requirements and meeting best practice methodology for the duration of the warranty period.

Utilising the FLUKE DSX5000 or DSX8000 tester the installer can test with confidence that all links of the installation will exceed the minimum testing requirements, as per the latest Australian and International standards, coupled with a 3rd party NATA accreditation.



An installer who meets the CERTECH prerequisites* to become an installation partner to our warranty program and in addition successfully completes the CERTECH training pathway of theory, hands on activities, and onsite applications.

The CERTECH certified installer course is facilitated by Murray Teale from VTI Services, former chairman of the Australian Standards Committee for ICT design and installation and has many years of technical knowledge.

The CERTECH certified installer course is third-party accredited by NATA laboratories.



The CERTECH 25 year warranty program is underpinned by the key pillar of training and development. All CERTECH training adheres to Australian industry standards and encompasses a well-balanced blend of classroom instruction, hands-on sessions, and on-site training. CERTECH i dedicated to delivering the necessary support and training to ensure installers and their customers have complete assurance in their structured cabling systems.

To become a CERTECH Certified Installer capable of utilising the CERTECH 25-year system performance warranty, an approved applicant must complete the CERTECH training pathway, highlighted in the four steps below.

Step 1: Application:

Begin by applying to become a CERTECH certified installer through the website application form (below).

Step 2: Pre-requisites:

Prior to becoming a CERTECH certified installer, contractors must hold the relevant
ACMA recognised industry qualifications:
a. Open Cablers License
b. Structured cabling endorsement
c. Fibre Optic Endorsement

CERTECH support contractors who are willing to learn by referring them to the relevant
RTOs delivering Open cablers license and endorsement training courses including

Step 3: Complete the Certified Installer training (in class):

Complete the certified installer training course conducted by Murray Teale from VTI
Services* (NATA accredited).
a. Twisted Pair Standards and Conformance Testing
b. Optical Fibre Standards and Conformance Testing

*(Communications Alliance - Customer Equipment and Cable Reference Panel,
Standards Australia CT1 Working Group (AS/NZS 11801.x), Standards Australia
CT1/2 Working Group (fibre/fiber), NATA (Accredited Twisted Pair and fibre inspection
reporting), NECA Standards Representative, BICSI, AS/CA S009 Working Group, AS/
CA S008 Working Group)

Step 4: Complete the ON-SITE Practical Certified Installer training:

On site training ensures the skills and knowledge developed in class are applied in
the field.
a. Cabling and Pathways training – imparting best practice methodology for installation
of cable pathways and cable installation.
b. Terminating and testing training – Demonstrating best practice methodology for
solution specific termination and Fluke cable analyser testing, analysis and submission
of compliant test results.



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