LAN 8723 Equivalent Cable

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Audio, Control & Instrument Cable, 22 AWG stranded (7x30) tinned copper conductors,
polypropylene insulation, twisted pairs, individually AL/pet shielded, 24 AWG stranded tinned
copper drain wire, PVC jacket. Belden 8723 equivalent cable

Inner conductor

Material:    Tinned Copper wire, STRANDED

Stranding:  7x0.254mm

Nom. O.D.: 0.76mm

AWG Size:  22 AWG


Material:  Polypropylene - PP

Nom. O.D: 1.25±0.05mm

Nom. Wall Thickness: 0.25±0.05mm

Colour Codes: Red & Black (Pitch 50±3mm), Green & White (Pitch 55±3mm),
                     twisted pair


Material: AL/pet tapes

Wrapping: Each pair wrapped by AL/pet tapes individually, AL side outwards, coverage≥125%

Drain wire: 

Material: Tinned Copper wire, STRANDED

Stranding: 7x0.20mm

AWG Size: 24 AWG

Cable Assembly: two pairs twisted, pitch 80±5mm, AL side outwards, against TC drain wire.


Material: Grey PVC

Nom. External O.D.: 5.0±0.30mm

Nom. Wall Thickness: 0.55±0.05mm

Cable Finish: Typically ropy

Electrical Characteristics

Inner conductor DCR: 52 Ohm / Km

Capacitance, Core to core: 75.3±15 pF/m

Characteristic Impedance: 60±5 Ohm

Inductance: 0.41±0.02 uH/m

Voltage Rating: 300V

Operating Temp. Range; -20C to +75C

Packing: 300m pull box

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