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Rackstuds 100 pack (Red)

Rackstuds 100 pack (Red)

Product Overview

RACKSTUDS 100 pack. The smart alternative to cage nuts! Supplied in Ziplock Resealable Bag



What are Rackstuds?


Unlike cage nuts, Rackstuds™ go in from the front which greatly simplifies their installation. Cage nuts can be quite tricky to get in, especially when the rack starts to get populated or the rack is in situ with the side panels installed.

Rackstuds can be installed in seconds and are just as easy to remove and reuse. Populating a rack with equipment using Rackstuds is much faster and over the course of a rack build, can save you many hours. A typical network switch can be installed in under 55 seconds!

Rackstuds are also tool free and can be tightened sufficiently by hand, saving you even more time.


The original red Rackstuds are the most common and will accommodate around 80% of the racks in the market. They’ll work with vertical rails meeting the following specifications:

EIA-310 Requirement9.5mm/0.374″
Rackstuds Red 2.29.3 – 9.89mm (0.366 – 0.389″)


EIA-310 RequirementNot defined
Rackstuds Red 2.2≤ 2.2mm/0.086″ (or 14 gauge)