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CERTECH Cat6A UTP Field Termination Plug

CERTECH Cat6A UTP Field Termination Plug

Product Overview

CERTECH RJ45 UTP Cat6A Tooless Flexible Plug, Works with both solid and stranded conductors 22~26AWG


  • Toolless termination
  • Increased transmission capacity & bandwidth
  • Large cable & conductor acceptance
  • Bendable body allowing multi-application in limited space, also reduce stress due to bending of the cable
  • Support direct-attach installation, reduce connection points & thus reduce system cost & installation time
  • No special crimping tool required
  • Crosstalk reduced gold contact arrangement
  • Stable contact blade position
  • Smart wiring management cap
  • Installation within 1 minute



  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Digital Displays
  • Access Controls
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Building Automation
  • LED Lighting