LC-LC OM4 Duplex Fibre Patch Lead 2m

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CERTECH LC-LC OM4 Duplex Fibre Optic Patch Leads

Connector Type: LC to LC
Polish Type: UPC to UPC
Fibre Count: Duplex
Cable Diameter: 2.0mm
Cable Jacket: OFNP
Jacket Color: Aqua
Fibre Mode: OM4 50/125um
Insertion Loss: ?0.3dB
Return Loss: ?35dB
Fibre Grade: Bend Insensitive
Minimum Bend Radius: 7.5mm
Wavelenght: 850nm/1300nm
Attenuation @ 850nm: 3.0dB/km
Attenuation @ 1310nm: 1.0dB/km
Polarity: A(Tx) to B(Rx)
Operating Temperature: -40~75?C
Storage Temperature: -45~85?C

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